Monday, February 18, 2008

Crisis in the Deep Blue: The State of Earth's Largest Natural Resource

Soon, Nemo won't be the only fish we can't find
By Ridwan Hossain

A crisis is slowly looming deep underneath more than 139 million square miles of the Earth's surface, a crisis so serious that it could affect food supplies around the globe and lead to the extinction of many of the world's species. However, it is not a crisis that most people would even notice, as it takes place in the great vastness of the ocean. Despite consumers' unfettered access to Fish-o-Filet sandwiches and sushi restaurants, many fish species are in danger of extinction due to excessive harvesting, threatening the biodiversity of the ocean environment. Entire underwater ecological systems are at risk because of dangerous human activities in the oceans, including the destruction of coral reefs in many parts of the world.

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