Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Iraq to bring legal action against US soldiers

Baghdad - The Iraqi government set up a committee to decide how to bring legal action in the United States against American soldiers for causing "unjustified" deaths of Iraqis, cabinet spokesman said Wednesday. The cabinet set up a committee Tuesday to decide on ways to bring civil and criminal legal action against soldiers from the multinational forces in US courts for the "excessive use of force" and "unjustified killing" of Iraqis, cabinet spokesman, Ali al-Dabagh told the Voices of Iraq VOI news agency.

The committee - made up of representatives from the Ministries of Justice, Human Rights, Interior, the high judiciary council and the cabinet office - will also set mechanisms to file compensation claims in US courts.

"We are legally entitled to defend Iraqis' rights. When unjustified aggressions occur, there should be punishment for such acts," al-Dabagh said.

"Our aim is not really to get compensation but to make soldiers and people know that they are held accountable if they commit such violations," he said.

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