Saturday, May 3, 2008

Factory Farms Must Change

A New Report Details the Impact of Intensive Food Animal Production on Humans, Animals and the Environment — and It's Not Pretty.

By Annie Bell Muzaurieta

The farm animal industry has got to change, according to the Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production.

The Commission, which began its research in 2006 and consisted of 15 experts in public policy, veterinary medicine, public health, agriculture, animal welfare and rural society, released a report detailing the impact of intensive food animal production (IFAP) on humans, animals and the environment.

The report details how animal agriculture has grown at warp speed over the past 50 years thanks to cheap feed, water and energy, according to the Environment News Service. As a result, Americans eat more meat per person than any other society on the planet. The report suggests that the industry will have to change as these resources become less available.

The commission is quoted in the article: "Our diminishing land capacity for producing food animals, combined with dwindling freshwater supplies, escalating energy costs, nutrient overloading of soil, and increased antibiotic resistance, will result in a crisis unless new laws and regulations go into effect in a timely fashion. This process must begin immediately and be fully implemented within 10 years." Read On

Why not just stop eating meat altogether? Let's be honest. The only reason we eat it is cuz it tastes good. I mean, we all know meat's nutritional value can be obtained in a plant-based diet way more efficiently and without destroying the environment, right? -EF Swagee

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Anonymous said...

Right on! Life is just so much easier without the dead bodies in the fridge, on my plate or in my body! I weight less and can move better than my meat eating friends too. But the real issue. I can do one very small thing to not add to the suffering in the world. I am not forcing any animal to sit all day in a small cage being separated from it's babies or watching other animals be killed. I know it is so small in the big picture of suffering in this world, but it is one small thing that I can do every day.