Saturday, May 10, 2008

Injustice In DuPage County, IL

Ever wonder how our justice system allows wrongful arrests and unjust persecutions?

It's simple, really. Start with a false report to 911, Add a spiteful Sheriff's Deputy, Mix in a vindictive State's Attorney, Sprinkle with Corruption. And, voila!

Take the tale of the "DuPage Duo" for example, which begins with two people peacefully exercising their right to express a political opinion in public and transforms inconceivably into a criminal case....

Transcript of False Report To 911:

Copy of Bogus Arrest Warrant Issued Eight Days After Police Responded To the Fake 911 Call and Detained, Questioned, Then Released The Peaceful Protesters:

The Sheriff's Deputy had no probable cause to arrest the protesters. Their lawyer filed a Motion to Quash the Arrest and Suppress Evidence. The motion was denied at a hearing on April 10th.
Amazingly, the guy who called 911 and claimed to have seen the protesters "acting like they were throwing stuff at the windshields" is allowed to change his story completely and without question.
Now he is saying he didn't see the protesters throw anything, but did see a traffic disturbance, a traffic disturbance that wasn't mentioned in the 911 call. According to the protesters, who've been very consistent with their story from the beginning, there was never any traffic disturbance.
When asked about the protesters' alleged throwing motions during the hearing, the 911 caller says, "it was just the demeanor that made me believe that that was possible" and "I interpreted them as the possibility that, yes, it was like they could have been releasing something, but I don't know. I really don't know."
Can probable cause for an arrest be fabricated out of a bunch of lies nearly eleven months AFTER a bogus arrest warrant is issued? You Betcha!
Here you have it folks, in plain view:

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