Wednesday, June 4, 2008

World Welcomes Obama Win

Jun 4 01:39 PM US/Eastern
By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer

LONDON (AP) - Barack Obama's triumph over Hillary Clinton triggered jubilation among his relatives in Kenya, hope among people around the world—and a few questions about what he actually stands for.

Many expressed optimism Wednesday that a November victory by Obama—who has relatives in Africa and childhood friends in Asia—would mark a major shift from the deeply unpopular policies of the Bush administration.

In Kenya, home to Obama's family on his father's side, the Kenya Times newspaper devoted its front page to the story, under the headline "Obama makes history."

"I've just watched him on television, and as a family we are very happy. Really, it is something that is a trendsetter," the politician's uncle, Said Obama, told The Associated Press from the port city of Kisumu in western Kenya.

In Mexico City, hairdresser Susan Mendoza's eyes lit up when she learned Obama had clinched the nomination.

"Bush was for the elite. Obama is of the people," she said.
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