Sunday, January 11, 2009

U.S. Government Endorses Mass Slaughter In Gaza....

From Reuters:
WASHINGTON, Jan 8 (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate voiced strong support on Thursday for Israel's battle against Hamas militants in Gaza, while urging a ceasefire that would prevent Hamas from launching any more rockets into Israel.

The chamber agreed on a voice vote to the non-binding resolution co-sponsored by Democratic and Republican party leaders in the chamber.

"When we pass this resolution, the United States Senate will strengthen our historic bond with the state of Israel, by reaffirming Israel's inalienable right to defend against attacks from Gaza, as well as our support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process," Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a Nevada Democrat, said before the vote.

Noting that Israel was bent on halting Hamas rocket fire into its southern towns, Reid said: "I ask any of my colleagues to imagine that happening here in the United States. Rockets and mortars coming from Toronto in Canada, into Buffalo New York. How would we as a country react?"

Co-sponsor and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican said before the vote: "The Israelis ... are responding exactly the same way we would."

The House was expected to pass a similar resolution.

The Senate resolution encourages President George W. Bush "to work actively to support a durable, enforceable and sustainable ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible that prevents Hamas from retaining or rebuilding the capability to launch rockets or mortars against Israel," Reid said.

It also expresses an "unwavering" commitment to Israel's welfare and recognizes its right to act in self defense to protect citizens against acts of terrorism, he said. "It allows for the long-term improvement of daily living conditions of the ordinary people of Gaza," he said.

Palestinians faced even grimmer conditions in Gaza on Thursday after a U.N. aid agency halted work, saying its staff was at risk from Israeli forces after two drivers were killed.

The reported Palestinian death toll in the 13-day-old conflict topped 700. At least 11 Israelis have been killed, eight of them soldiers, including four hit by "friendly fire."

( Once again the hypocritical, schizophrenic U.S. government simultaneously supports and condemns terrorism, not to mention, completely ignores the possibility that Israel's seige on Gaza and decades long oppression of Palestinian people may be provoking rocket attacks. )


......Meanwhile, People Around The World Stand With Palestinians Against Israeli Atrocities

March For Gaza In Chicago Draws Thousands
Protests In Lebanon, Syria Against Gaza Offensive
50,000 In Cairo, Egypt Rally Against Israel
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Irish Protests Against Israeli Attacks On Gaza Escalate
Thousands Rally In World Capitals To Protest Against Gaza War
Tens of Thousands March Against Israel In France
San Francisco Streets See 10,000 Rally For Gaza
Venezuelans Protest Israeli Military Actions Against Gaza
Jewish women protest in Toronto’s Israeli Consulate
New Zealanders protest against Israeli attacks on Gaza
Multi-cultural rally protests fighting in Gaza
Protesters in Charleston Rally Against Israel's Actions in Gaza

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